- The People -

We are Jørgen & Maria Sellgren.

We live in Trysil, at Strandli, a small farm located at the lakeside of Osensjøen.

Maria was born and raised in a small town at the Norwegian west coast, called Fosnavåg. 

Jørgen is from Nittedal, a municipality, a short drive from Oslo. 

We first moved in together when Maria was studying dog training at Troll Hundeskole, in Kongsberg. 


Other than the dog training course Maria has a broad experience with dogs. She has worked with a lot of different breeds, in many different settings and environments. 


Her favorite subject is to work with dogs and owners who have challenges they need to improve in every day life.

Other than that we do dog shows, and try to dabble in a few different dog sports.

Jørgen was quite new to dog training when he met Maria, but getting to know all these strange dogs that Maria surrounds herself with, he really developed an interest in working with dogs. He now trains and shows dogs for our kennel.

- Our Philosophy -

We strongly believe in letting dogs be dogs. And to let them do what they are meant to do,

And we encourage our dogs to use their language in every day life. 

The most important thing for us is to respect the dogs opinion, to the degree we can, without letting them get out of hand. 

Our dogs come first. And if our dogs don't want to have guests pet them, we will make sure the guests leave them alone. In our home, the dogs will always be valued above the guest. No offence to the guests.

In breeding, we try to make as physically and mentally healthy dogs as we can, who fit the breed standard as much as possible.

We do show our dogs, but good health and attitude, will always be valued more then show potential, if we have to choose.

We never breed just for the sake of making puppies to sell. We breed to try to improve the breed, and usually we will only do a combination if we think it's so good that we want to keep some of the offspring ourselves, to secure a good base of dogs to choose from in future breeding. 



Our dogs are our children. And it shows in our home. Just how we like it. 

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