- Breeding -

We are hoping for 3 Terrier Brasileiro litters here at Kennel Tough In Fluff in 2021.


Contact us if you want more information about our plans and are interested in a puppy from these litters. 

We love our dogs, and we love puppies, as anyone does. But we still try to not breed just for the sake of breeding. We have a plan with our combinations. And we only breed dogs if we think these will bring something positive to that breed. 

That being said, every now and then we will have litters! And from those litters, we will usually have some puppies for sale. And some selected few, for co-ownership. When selling puppies we look for homes that can offer our babies active lives, where they get to live as a part of the family.

If you are interested in a co-ownership agreement, you can contact us for more information on how our contracts usually are. But in short: the dog is bought at a low cost, and it lives with you for it's entire life. In return, we or you, show the dog sometimes. And we keep breeding rights. We typically only accept homes for these dogs, close to where we live.





Our puppies grow up inside our home, and are socialized with other animals, and humans, both at our farm, and out in the world. We will try to have them experience as much new things as possible, before leaving for their forever homes.

If puppy buyers wish, we love to keep in touch. And help in any way we can, if needed. 

If you are interested in a puppy from our kennel, or just have some questions, please contact us.

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