- Chloè -

Birth: 27.01.2017

Color: Brown 

Tail: Long

Weight: 8,5 kg

Height: 38 cm


Eyes – CLEAR

Patella – FREE



Chloè has lived with us since she was quite young, it was meant to be a temporary situation, but we just fell in love, and she has been here ever since. 
She is owned by Kennel Maienya, but we have a happy agreement to share our lovely girl. She was the mother of our first litter, the A-Team . And the mother of our B-litter, that was bred on co-operation with Kennel Maienya. She is the momma of all our pack, and she keeps the younglings in line, while at the same time loving everyone endlessly. If you have earned her trust, she will be yours forever. 

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